|-Estrus-| {A Declaration of Heat & Lust}
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{For Him}

{artwork by Justice Howard }

I bleed...
give myself over to you
a plastic fuck-doll
skinned in latex fuck-me pumps
with your towering, knightly presence
you bewitch me
intrigue me
..you slant-eyed cocksucker...
do to me demented, naughty things...
get drunk on pleasure with me..
rape me with your body
as your words do to my mind
do what you will
take advantage of me
ensnare my senses
let me linger on your hot, sweaty kiss
as you invade me
pin me down
fuck me deep, and hard...
...drive me absolutely out of my mind
till i completely lose control of myself
rub me raw
i am your whore
my sultry sweetness
running over your eager mouth
enticing lips
clamped onto my sex
fuck your head
use you as a tool for my pleasure
your beautiful eyes, full on lust
drown in my cum
choke on it
taste all of me
use me
fill me
fuck me
break me
make me feel alive.

by ~*Rain~* Copyright 2005, All rights Reserved.